On 06 May 2020 Manton announced Micro.blog for teams: multi-user blogs, so your whole team can write posts on a shared blog.

And now, Custom.micro.blog, has been upgraded. So, here's an open invite to anyone who feels they can contribute, to contact me at miraz@firstbite.co.nz .

Also, on 07 July 2020 Manton announced plug-ins for Micro.blog:

a plug-ins system for Micro.blog that formalizes a lot of the power of Micro.blog themes, but wrapped in a package that is easier to develop and install. Instead of creating a custom theme for your blog and editing the templates yourself, you might be able to find a plug-in that will add the feature. Unlike custom themes, there can also be multiple plug-ins installed for a single blog.

Since plug-ins are directly relevant to customising a blog I'm hoping to make this site a resource centre for plug-ins and plug-in developers.

I'm also always looking for more folks to contribute tutorials, how-tos or just links to helpful resources.

Let's pool our knowledge and make a fabulous resource for anyone wanting to tinker with their Micro.Blog.

I also need to thank Manton for his generosity in making this site free! 😀