Watch a 20 minute video called Community and Progress - IndieWeb Summit 2018, published on 29 Jun 2018. In the video Manton Reece and Jean MacDonald talk about Micro.Blog.

@eli has compiled, Resources for — a handy reference.

@simonwoods has compiled Today I Learned — hints, tips, and general information for using the various aspects of the platform.

I recommend watching the Introduction to Hugo videos from Mike Dane. All up there are nearly 3 hours of excellent instruction.

The home of Hugo.

Custom home page: Setting static text for your home page, by Manton Reece. Published May 15, 2019.

Parameters in themes: Custom params in Hugo, by Manton Reece. Published April 29, 2019.

Truncated posts on your microblog: Customizing a theme, by Manton Reece. Published April 26, 2019.

Custom themes: Creating or copying custom themes, by Manton Reece. Published January 30, 2019.

Custom CSS: Customizing your hosted microblog with CSS, by Manton Reece. Published August 19, 2017.

Changing the default colors of the Marfa theme, by Roel Willems. Published Apr 15, 2018.

Hugo Date and Time Templating Reference explains the possible way to format a date.

See Smokey Ardisson's Thinking about “About me” guide to making the best use of an About Me page.