Miraz Jordan: My skills lie in plain language and teaching beginners how to do stuff. Over many years I've developed some expertise in HTML and CSS.

I saw a need for information to help folks customise their hosted Micro.Blogs and started this site to provide useful info.

I live at Waikawa Beach in Aotearoa New Zealand and have my personal blog at miraz.me.

Jason Becker: I used Hugo as my blog engine for several years before Micro.blog became my blog home of choice. During that time, I learned to develop my own Hugo theme, having built and rebuilt several from scratch.

I enjoy writing Micro.blog plug-ins and have contributed several to the public directory.

You can find my personal blog at micro.json.blog or you can follow me on Micro.blog.

David Hall: I saw Micro.blog on Kickstarter and had to back it! Though not familiar with Hugo, I developed my own theme for geo-blogging purposes which led to the Swarm plugin - I’m hoping for mobile app coordinate access soon!.

I’m really an artist and my micro.blog is at hall.micro.blog, you can follow me on Micro.blog here.