I just love helping people learn how to do things and writing tutorials. I've had years of experience working with people who often describe themselves as beginners. When I saw lots of questions coming up here and there about how to customise hosted blogs, I realised I could help.

The purpose of this website is to develop reference information and tutorials to help people customise themes in hosted Micro.Blogs. It draws on personal experience, the Micro.Blog Slack channels and any other sources I can find.

It's written from the perspective of a Mac user. I'm afraid that if you use only iOS or some other OS such as Windows, Android or Linux you'll need to work out how to translate the instructions to your platform of choice.

Note: this website only gives information for those using hosted Micro.Blogs. If you host your blog somewhere else you’ll need to find out how that system works in order to make changes.

I'm Miraz Jordan and I started this endeavour in early 2019. I aim to work on it gradually as time allows.

Read a little bit about my work.