Ever since I published the Paper theme to Micro.blog, I wanted to port one with multiple columns and yet stay minimal as possible. I’ve found one, and today I managed to port it to and customize it for Micro.blog. The theme, called Anatole, is a beautiful minimalist two-column theme.

The theme is available in Micro.blog’s Plug-ins directory and can directly be installed from there. Note that the theme is compatible with Hugo 0.91, which is available as a setting on Micro.blog.

Anatole – A Two-column Theme for Micro.blog amitgawande.com

Update, 17 October 2022:

I’ve pushed an upgrade v1.0.1 for Anatole theme today – it fixes a few minor issues with the categories on the archive page & images on smaller screens. The theme now also supports mastodon profile in the social links list.

[- Excursions](https://www.amitgawande.com/2022/10/16/ive-pushed-an.html)