All of the official themes have now been updated with Microformats fixes and other missing markup. Also improves Cactus, an older neglected theme that fell over in the transition to Hugo 0.91. There are now over 30 themes in the plug-in directory. πŸŽ‰

With further clarification:

The changelog (commit history) is available for each theme over at GitHub. Here's Cactus, for example. I've run a test suite on each theme that checks for:

  • Microformat presence
  • Plug-in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML include compatibility
  • Custom CSS and Footer support
  • Conversation.js inclusion
  • RSD and Webmention presence

For now, the test suite mostly runs on my machine and is not designed to be easy to use. But we might pack it up and release it for third-party theme developers to test their own themes. Of course, nothing is stopping you from doing that now, if you feel adventurous. 😊 But it’s not officially released yet and unsupported for now.