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  • Link: An excellent reference post from Colin Devroe: A few quick notes about building themes.

  • Link: Concepts of Hugo aims to “describe 90% of Hugo in 25 points”.

    If you want a better idea of how to customize your theme or what you can do with the content you write in your posts, this is a great guide.

  • Link: Truncating only posts with titles on - The Jayeless Micro Blog Help has a guide to showing truncated posts on your front page, but … the truncated text shown is stripped of HTML…. There had to be a better way!

  • Good news about 2.0 which will launch at the end of September 2020:

    In the iOS and macOS apps, we’ve added new Pages and Uploads section, so you can create or edit standalone pages, and upload podcasts or other files to your blog. There are new icons in the sidebar and the layout in many screens has been improved.

    Many other interesting improvements too.

  • Micropublish

    Been doing a few tests with Micropublish location posting via the Swarm plugin and it appears to work OK apart from I’m not seeing it pick-up Categories yet. When creating a new post, you have to set the JSON radio button to enable check-ins, then you are good to go. The Find button by the Latitude and Longitude fields works with desktop and iOS browsers.

    Be aware which account you’re logged in to for Posting (check by clicking on New Post and select the blog you want to publish to before going to Micropublish) - despite logging-in to Micropublish as your main, if you have a test blog or even an account here at custom, it’ll pick up the one selected earlier.

    I can do away with diverting my Titles to coordinates now 👍

    Item contributed by David Hall.

  • Hooray @hall . Thanks for also joining the @custom team. 😀 Anyone else able to contribute?

  • Link: plug-in for Plausible, privacy-friendly web analytics

    Thanks @lukas for creating a plug-in for Plausible, privacy-friendly web analytics. You can add it under Find Plug-ins and then use the Settings button to configure it for your Plausible account.

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